Arco Academy is a specialist sports school designed to instil positive social, academic and sporting impacts for all our students - as they are at the heart of what we do. We seek to empower our students and develop well-rounded leaders through our unique and applied programmes.

Our Aims

  • Improve their educational performance
  • Increase their participation in sports
  • Help them develop a range of important life skills
  • Reintegrate students back into mainstream education
  • Prepare students for life after school

Sports Outcomes

Inspire and encourage
Arco Academy students in training
  • We help students maximise their sporting potential. Our team of ex-elite athletes inspire and encourage top performance through high quality sessions.
  • Participating in sports enables students to learn about integrity, self-belief, teamwork, discipline, resilience and the benefits of hard work (to name but a few)
  • These skills and attributes are transferrable into the classroom and help our students to achieve success in life.

Educational Outcomes

Maximise performance
  • We create a comfortable and effective learning environment for all.
  • We aim to help every student maximise their academic performance and achieve their target learning outcomes. Our classes are small, made up of students of the same ability and our qualified staff members design and deliver lessons tailored to the individuals in each group.
  • Arco Academy is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all our students, staff and guests.