Meet the team

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lisa miller
Lisa Miller
Founder and Head of Centre
Ocean Bell Grey - Arco Academy
Ocean Bell-Grey
Counsellor/Mentor and Dance Teacher
Yousuf Naeem - Arco Academy
Yousuf Naeem
Teacher (Science, Mathematics and Religious Studies)
Sameer Saleem - Arco Academy
Sameer Saleem
Teacher (Maths, PE, Biology, Sports Leadership and ICT)
Stefan Jeffrey - Arco Academy
Stefan Jeffrey
Teacher (English, Science, Religious Studies and P.E)
Joan Bartley - arco academy
Joan Bartley
School Home Support Practitioner 
Colin Taylor - Arco Academy
Colin Taylor
Attendance Officer and Administration Assistant
Angelica Gray - Arco Academy
Angelica Gray
Assistant Head and Welfare Officer
claudette Miller Arco Academy
Claudette Miller
Director of Learning and Teacher (Maths and English)
Kay Davis
Art & Design Facilitator
Many thanks to all staff at Arco Academy. They are very experienced and understanding in meeting the needs of the students by giving adequate support both morally and mentally for their future. I am very grateful.