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Term Time

First day of Term   Last day of School   2017
Wednesday 6th September   Friday 20th October   AUTUMN TERM
Monday 30th October   Wednesday 20th December   AUTUMN TERM
Wednesday 4th January   Friday 21st July   SPRING TERM
Monday 19th February   Thursday 29th March   SPRING TERM
Monday 16th April   Friday 25th May   SUMMER TERM
Monday 4th June   Friday 20th July   SUMMER TERM

School Holiday 2017

First day of Holdiay   Last day of Holiday   2017 / 2018
Monday 23rd October   Friday 27th October   AUTUMN HALF TERM
Thursday 21st December   Thursday 4th January   CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY
Monday 12th February   Friday 16th February   SPRING HALF TERM
Friday 30th March   Friday 13th April   EASTER HOLIDAY
Tuesday 29th May   Friday 1st June   SUMMER HALF TERM
Monday 23rd July   TBC   SUMMER HOLIDAY