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Our Curriculum

Here at Arco Academy we pride ourselves on achieving the best results possible for our students.

As each student that attends our alternative provision is at a different level in their education, we provide a specific programme of study for each student’s needs.

We recognize that there are a wide range of reasons why a student may attend our provision and have a system in place to help each individual achieve the best results they can.



Programme of Study System

We use the following process to ensure we can help students achieve the best results possible:

  • An initial assessment will take place for each student no matter what time of the academic year they attend our provision.

  • Results are then assessed and compared to the student’s mainstream school results. If the student does not have mainstream school results, we will use our initial assessment as a baseline.

  • A programme of study is designed for the student to move forward in their education.

  • The student’s progress is then tracked all the way through their programme to
    make sure they are achieving their targets and improving their levels of progress.



What’s on Offer?

Courses that are on offer at Arco Academy:



  • English - Core Subject
  • Maths - Core Subject


  • Entry level Maths (applied qualification)
  • Entry level English (applied qualification)

BTEC (courses are subject to availability)

  • First Award in Sport (Level 1 & 2) - Core Subject
  • Health and Social Care
  • First Award in Travel and Applied Science

VOCATIONAL COURSES (courses are subject to availability)

  • Leadership course
  • Entrepreneurship course
  • Marketing course
  • Sports Leaders Awards
  • Athletics Coaching Badge
  • Basketball Coaching Badge
  • FA Level Coaching Badge
  • Coaching in Disability Sport
  • Athletics Official Coaching Badges
  • Basketball Official Badges
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid
  • Nutrition
  • Home Cooking Skills
  • Communication Skills

More courses will be added from September for the academic year 2017/2018. For more information, please call 020 3189 1193 or email info@arco.academy.co.uk.