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Evidence of Impact


Pastor Catholic School

  • In 2014-2015, we worked with 50% of year 11 ‘pupil premium’ students.
  • The school; Bonus Pastor Catholic College closed their Pupil premium gap from 25% - 0% that same academic year.
  • Of the students we worked with, 95% received A-C grades in Maths.
  • In comparison, 23% students received A- C grades from the group we did not work with.

“Working with Arco has been invaluable for the Year 11 students at the school. Arco’s involvement with students has had a positive impact on GCSE results and on the mental health and wellbeing of students at a time when they are very vulnerable. Arco have organized residential programmes for students involving outward bound activities and Mathematics, supported the school with sporting achievement and been a gateway to meeting a wider group of professionals and having introductions to prestigious events. An excellent company which offers value and has instant positive impact”
- Ruth Holden, Executive Principle, Bonus Pastor Catholic College


Sydenham Girls School

  • Academic year 2015 – 2016, we worked with Sydenham Girls School, delivering combined Maths, English and Sports residential programmes, complimented with workshops
  • Sydenham received their highest achieving results in Maths and English in 2016

"Arco's tutors, all local young people from the same kinds of backgrounds as our own students, helped our Year 11 to believe that they could do it too, both in terms of academic achievement and also personal development. Team building exercises on the residential program boosted confidence when it came to tackling challenge and we found that students could draw on this when it came to the challenges of preparing for GCSE exams. When it came to the maths tutoring we were able to work closely with the Arco team to choose topics and tailor the activities to meet the needs of our students. The vast majority of students involved in the program met or even exceeded our aspirational targets."
-Mark, Sydenham Girls School


Platanos College

  • Arco Academy was commissioned by Platanos College PE department to deliver an intensive workshop in academic year 2015 – 2016.
  • Platanos College received their highest pass rate at 89% in PE for 2016 exam results.

“Platanos College has had the pleasure of Acro Academy supporting our year 11 GCSE PE pupils prepare for their examination last year. Arco Academy organised a most valuable experience for our pupils and delivered our GCSE PE work shop based on the examination scenario which was worth 50% of the exam paper. The resources presented were at a high level and were appropriately delivered, enabling all our pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding of most difficult theoretical aspects of the examination paper. Our examination results increased by 20%."

"Additional to the workshop, Arco had arranged for Olympic Finalist and British record holder Long Jump; Lorraine Ugene to visit our year 11 students. This allowed our pupils to gain an insight to the life of an elite athlete but also a real life example of the scenario."

"All of the Acro staff was extremely friendly, engaging, very reliable and professional and what was most pleasing was how the young people in their organisation inspired and motivated our pupils. Based on this, the positive feedback from our pupils and our results, we have invited Arco Academy back to work on this aspect of the course again”
- Sharon Simpson, Director of Sports, Platanos College