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What does the school day look like?

What does the school day look like?

At Arco Academy, we recognise the importance of the first meal of the day, which is why we invite your child to join us for our free breakfast club every morning.


On Mondays only, from 9:30am – 10am, assembly will take place and for the rest of the week during the time of 9am – 10am, your child will have optional free extra - curricular sessions.


Typically, lessons will begin at 10am– 3pm, with the exception of Wednesday’s, finishing at 2pm.  During this time, you’ll study core subjects: Maths, English and Science, along with vocational studies and physical activity.


Each session lasts 50 minutes and you’ll have 2 short breaks and a lunch break throughout the school day.


Your child’s timetable will be bespoke according to their needs and will be presented to you and your child before the day of enrolment.


Extra - Curricular Activity

Tuesday: 9am – 9:30am = Swimming

Thursday: 9:15am – 10am = Mentoring  

More Activities to be added