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Student Testimonials

Christiana - Year 9

"My experience at Arco has been very enjoyable. I really enjoy doing dance because it is a way I express myself, it helps me keep fit and makes me happy. The Teachers here are very nice, understanding and make you feel like family"

Ezekiel - Year 10

"What I enjoy most about Arco Academy is Maths and BTEC PE because it is very understandable and beneficial for my future career. I also find it really interesting and fun to learn"

Shonique - Year 9

"I enjoy Arco because there are many subject options and activities for you. I really enjoy boxing the most because it is a good way to express myself and it's also a way for me to keep fit. All of the staff make you feel comfortable. When it was my first day, it felt like I've always been here."

Megan - Year 10

"I enjoy Arco Academy because the teachers make you feel comfortable and welcomed. My favourite thing about Arco Academy is the gym sessions and that we get to do PE everyday. I am always pushed by my teachers to do things to the best of my ability"