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Claudette Miller

Claudette Miller


Line Manager, English and Maths Teacher

Claudette holds the following qualifications;

  • GNVQ (Advanced) Business Studies equivalent to 2 A Levels,
  • BA (Hons) in Accounts and Finance.
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics


Claudette spent several years within the financial sector as an accountant within the charity industry. After a change in career path in 2008, Claudette redirected her focus and gained a teaching PGCE in Secondary Mathematics qualification, which utilises information technology to teach mathematics in an innovative way.


Currently, Claudette works independently as a tutor in mathematics, and supplies teaching resources and schemes of work to several schools; she is also a professional childcare practitioner.


Although busy working independently Claudette has dedicated more than 7 years to a South-East London Sports Club for youths as their volunteer treasurer.