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Mark Newell

Mark Newell


Mark Newell, Maths, BTEC and Science Teacher

Up until July 2013 Mark was the KS3 coordinator for Mathematics.  In this role he was responsible for tracking and monitor pupil achievement and progress.   Part of this process involved working with classroom teachers and other relevant staff in order to put in place appropriate intervention strategies to enable students to accelerate their progress.

Since September 2014 Mark has been working as a main scale teacher of Mathematics.

Relevant skills and experience

  • Teacher of Mathematics for 27 years in a large mixed 11 to 18 comprehensive school
  • Taught Mathematics at key stage 3 across the ability range
  • Taught foundation and higher GCSE Mathematics at key stage 4
  • Taught GCSE Statistics
  • Taught AS and A2 Mathematics at key stage 5
  • Key stage 3 coordinator of Mathematics until July 2014
  • Possess excellent subject knowledge and enthusiasm for Mathematics
  • Up to date and aware of the latest teaching methods and techniques
  • Experience of teaching SEN and EAL students
  • Familiar with tracking and monitoring systems to ensure student progress and attainment
  • Have strong class room management skills
  • Developed schemes of work and resources at key stage 3

Mark is also a qualified athletics coach who has coached National Champions and has 20 years experience.