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Yvonne Robb

Yvonne Robb


Yvonne is a trainee Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Association (BPS) and Health and care Practitioner’s Council (HCPC), and is currently also working towards chartered status (CPsychol) as a Health Psychologist.


Yvonne’s has a keen interest in most aspects of behavioral science, although her current work is within addictions, with abstinent based clients, Yvonne uses her skill to promote emotional, physical and mental health through behavioural change. As an experienced in 1-2-1 counsellor and group work, Yvonne uses theory and scientific models such as Motivational Interviewing or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to support and motivate clients towards adjustment and improved quality of life.


Yvonne enjoys exploring the clients behaviours, social processes, coping strategies, thoughts, beliefs systems etc. to understand the factors which may have contributed towards their addictions and subsequently help them to manage lifestyle changes, physical and psychological illnesses such as anxiety, depression and to raise their awareness of how behavioural factors can harm or enhance a person’s health.