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Ruth Holden, Executive Prinicple, Bonus Pastor Catholic College

"Working with Arco has been invaluable for the Year 11 students at the school. Arco’s involvement with students has had a positive impact on GCSE results and on the mental health and wellbeing of students at a time when they are very vulnerable. Arco have organized residential programmes for students involving outward bound activities and Mathematics, supported the school with sporting achievement and been a gateway to meeting a wider group of professionals and having introductions to prestigious events. An excellent company which offers value and has instant positive impact"

Mark, Sydenham Girls School

"Arco's tutors, all local young people from the same kinds of backgrounds as our own students, helped our Year 11 to believe that they could do it too, both in terms of academic achievement and also personal development. Team building exercises on the residential program boosted confidence when it came to tackling challenge and we found that students could draw on this when it came to the challenges of preparing for GCSE exams. When it came to the maths tutoring we were able to work closely with the Arco team to choose topics and tailor the activities to meet the needs of our students. The vast majority of students involved in the program met or even exceeded our aspirational targets."

Sharon Simpson, Director of Sports, Platanos College

"Platanos College has had the pleasure of Acro Academy supporting our year 11 GCSE PE pupils prepare for their examination last year. Arco Academy organised a most valuable experience for our pupils and delivered our GCSE PE work shop based on the examination scenario which was worth 50% of the exam paper. The resources presented were at a high level and were appropriately delivered, enabling all our pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding of most difficult theoretical aspects of the examination paper. Our examination results increased by 20%."
"Additional to the workshop, Arco had arranged for Olympic Finalist and British record holder Long Jump; Lorraine Ugene to visit our year 11 students. This allowed our pupils to gain an insight to the life of an elite athlete but also a real life example of the scenario."
"All of the Acro staff was extremely friendly, engaging, very reliable and professional and what was most pleasing was how the young people in their organisation inspired and motivated our pupils. Based on this, the positive feedback from our pupils and our results, we have invited Arco Academy back to work on this aspect of the course again"

Ms Williams, Acting Head of School, Platanos College

"Platanos College has chosen Arco Academy as one of their off-site provision providers, firstly because of their professionalism and the versatile package that is available for our students."
"Many of the students who are referred have complex needs and struggle academically, because of their barriers to leaning. Their poor social interaction has placed some in a vulnerable position, and could potentially put them at risk of gang affiliation."
“Arco has been able to combine both an academic and wellbeing personal and wellbeing development programme for our students, and evidence has shown that they have made progress in both areas."
"The communication between Arco and Platanos College is consistent and of a high standard. I have personally visited the premises and I have been impressed with the facility as it offers a wide range of classes to meet the pupils’ individual needs. Also, the location is ideal and is accessible as it has good transport links for students attending across the various boroughs."
"Arco offers an inviting and friendly environment for the pupils, and their free breakfast is a comfort to many of the students who are not always able to have hot meal in the mornings. Equally, the staff are courteous and professional, and it is clear that our students and parents are both happy with the facility and their child’s progress.”

Alex, Behaviour support manager at ST. Thomas the Apostle College

"I would really like to praise Acro Academy for their outstanding service ,and their delivery of activities which were tailored to what we as a school asked for. It was so clear to see that the activities that they chose to demonstrate were thoroughly thought out ,and planned according to the needs of our students.

The students really enjoyed themselves and were so enthusiastic throughout the day. We sent 10 of our most difficult to reach students and the programme kept them engaged throughout. Up until now, they have not stopped talking about the program which is a true testament to the efforts put into the program. Acro Academy even went above and beyond their duty by advising students and helping them sign up for the gym which they really did not have to do.

Acro Academy were really flexible and really accommodating. They made it their priority to make sure that we had the best time possible in the short space of time that we were there. The day event really brought out the confidence in all the students - they really came out of their shell, especially in the group activities.

I would definitely recommend Acro Academy to all school - it was truly amazing And I have seen no other provision like it!

A big thank you to Lisa and Julius for making it possible”

Christiana - Year 9

"My experience at Arco has been very enjoyable. I really enjoy doing dance because it is a way I express myself, it helps me keep fit and makes me happy. The Teachers here are very nice, understanding and make you feel like family"

Ezekiel - Year 10

"What I enjoy most about Arco Academy is Maths and BTEC PE because it is very understandable and beneficial for my future career. I also find it really interesting and fun to learn"

Shonique - Year 9

"I enjoy Arco because there are many subject options and activities for you. I really enjoy boxing the most because it is a good way to express myself and it's also a way for me to keep fit. All of the staff make you feel comfortable. When it was my first day, it felt like I've always been here."

Megan - Year 10

"I enjoy Arco Academy because the teachers make you feel comfortable and welcomed. My favourite thing about Arco Academy is the gym sessions and that we get to do PE everyday. I am always pushed by my teachers to do things to the best of my ability"


"Many thanks to all staff at Arco Academy. They are very experienced and understanding in meeting the needs of the students by giving adequate support both morally and mentally for their future. I am very grateful”