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Arco Academy Alternative Provision is an Equal Opportunity employer and takes the responsibilities of employing the appropriate person seriously.


All staff are required to have a current Disclosure and Barring certificate, must obtain Safeguarding Children, and First Aid training and as a matter of course, all staff involved with the recruitment process are encouraged to attend a Safer Recruitment Course.


As an Equal Opportunity Employer Arco Academy, will happily consider both experienced and inexperienced candidates, including those who are studying for a teaching qualification and wish to apply.


Internships and Employment

Our AP not only serves the needs of our students but also provides work experience opportunities for potential interns/student and new staff members. They will be able to teach 11-16-year-olds, mentor and offer career guidance, develop innovative ways to use sport so it integrates with mainstream curriculum; and could also help undergraduate/students’ meet their academic requirements of their course. With ‘real’ hands-on work experience which can be used in interviews, working with us, will help provide a snapshot of what it is like to work within that industry while building a personal network of professional contacts.


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