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Arco at the London Sports Awards 2020

It was a fantastic evening, even though Xahir was not the winner on the night, he should be really proud of being shortlisted into the final three out of 248 nominees; this is an amazing achievement.  

The event enabled all the grassroots organisations/activities to come together and provide the recognition of all the great work that goes on in communities.  

 The evening was filled with inspirational messages throughout.  

Xahir was extremely overwhelmed during the event and he congratulated the winner of the ‘Inspirational Young person of the Year’. 

The occasion was a spectacular event with various categories:  

  • Technology and Innovation Award  
  • The Health and Wellbeing Award  
  • Inspirational Young Person of the Year Award  
  • The Sports Unites Award  
  • Enhancing the Workforce Award 
  • The Business Contribution Award  
  • The Children and Young People Award 
  • Volunteer of the Year Award  
  • The Community Impact Award  
  • The Impact of Elite Sport Award  

Xahir said ‘he was really happy for being put forward; he was also grateful for the opportunity to attend this event’. 

Lisa Miller, Principal of Arco Academy commented that the evening was amazing, and she is so pleased that Xahir had this experience to meet people and network. Even though he did not win, Xahir will always be a winner at Arco.  

We are also pleased that Arco has been invited to this special event. 

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