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Kiara Hurst

Kiara Hurst

  • Studying A-Level Economics, Spanish and Sociology
  • Enhanced DBS

About Me

Hello, my name is Kiara 

I am an A-Level student studying Economics, Spanish and Sociology. In my GCSE, I achieved Maths (Grade: 7), English (Grade: 9), Biology and Chemistry (Grade: 8).  

As a Spanish, economics and sociology student, I love exploring and discovering new things about our global society. In particular, my interests surround achieving social justice for disadvantaged individuals in areas of education, welfare and the criminal justice system. 

I love working as part of a team, whether that be on a volleyball team, in which I previously played for Bexley, Newham’s trampolining squad, or the BAME society within my sixth form. It’s a pleasure to be surrounded by similar minded people who also aim to work in a positive environment and achieve our collective goals. I’m confident in teaching, English and Biology.

Subjects and Qualifications

Subject Qualification Foundation or Higher Sessions
English GCSE Higher 1:3/4
Biology GCSE Higher 1:3/4
Spanish GCSE Foundation/Higher 1:3/4