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A taste of University

Students of Arco travelled to Northampton University for an open day including a tour around the facilities. The ladies and gentlemen of Arco wanted to learn more about sports journalism and general life at university. A tour of the accommodation, a peek into the sports management building and a full experience using the radio equipment were just some of the moments in the fun-filled day. One of our esteemed students Dylan was quoted saying, “Based on what I have seen here at Northampton, I would like to attend this university in the future; I would love to get a degree in sport.”

Abdi learns the basics of sports journalism.

The academy also began to understand some of the more subtle parts of further education. In their reports they spoke of accommodation, the university’s facilities as well as the core structure of a student loan. Xahir and Abdi both also took part in a radio show. The pupils represented the school really well and Jackie – our resident safeguarding lead – who was on this trip, described the team at Northampton as “Incredibly helpful and a lot of fun to work with.”

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