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Arco Academy, The Africa Centre and ‘Black Ulfomosi’: Celebrating Black History Month



To kick start the celebration of Black History Month, our students had the privilege to visit The Africa Centre and participated in a workshop with ‘Black Ulfomosi’, a Zimbabwean band.

During the workshop, the band performed a couple of their songs, which are based on old miner calls. The calls consisted of slaps and taps of their boots because they were not allowed to talk whilst working. This then became a traditional dance, accompanied by a call and response song.
Some of our students took to the stage and learned and performed the historical dance.
They were praised by the band for how quickly they picked up the steps and for their good rhythm!
Looking to extend on students learning and experience, The Black Ulfomosi challenged our students to choreograph and perform their own piece.
Our students with confidence, rose to the challenge by performing dances and drumming to entertain the band and wider audience.
The band wrapped up by teaching our students a ‘call and response’ song which was an amazing experience!
Ben, Head of PE went on to say:
“The day was amazing; the band really worked well with and engaged our students. Just seeing their smiles and them being culturally creative was a joy to witness. Their dancing was outstanding, and they couldn’t get enough” 
The band members gave Juan (student) a special mention and said, “he has a special gift and shone throughout the day!”
A fun fact:
‘Black Ulfomosi’, closed their UK tour with their final performance with our amazing and talented students 💥 
Thank you Africa Centre and Black Ulfomosi!

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