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Poem by Maria


This is my reflection

I would say Arco made me change

But I think it’s the feeling the connection

I won’t lie at first, it was strange

I looked at everyone like they were deranged

But now that I see it


We’re just all different in our own waysxx

It’s like we’ve been put under a spell of protection

And of course that’s nothing but comfort

Now I’m gonna move onto the other bit

The part where I talk about the other kids

I didn’t wanna get close, I wanted to hideout


But something told me

Maria! Boss up, this ain’t no timeout

Now I have to admit

This was like an application I didn’t approve to submit

I really thought I was going to lose it

I saw myself as a big misfit

Then change is what I started to feel


It was like, part of my old self started to peel

To me this is such a big deal

Cos I’ve never really had time to heal

But all in all I’m thankful to Lisa to Claudette and Sam

Louise, Abi mostly Gemma

I’m thankful to Caleb to Charley to Ava

To Jayden, Josh, Maciah to Alayna


Amazing poem Maria,
Well Done from all at Arco

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