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The Aims of RSE are: 

At Arco Academy, we ensure that our students are aware of the dangers of safeguarding issues and promote positive relationships based on mutual respect. Our programme for Relationship and Sex Education includes content such as: 

  • “Sexting”, “banter”, sexual assault between young people and gender-based issues 
  • Healthy and respectful relationships;  

  • What respectful behaviour looks like;  

  • Gender roles, stereotyping, equality;  

  • Body confidence and self-esteem;  

  • Prejudiced behaviour;  

  • Different types of relationships, including friendships, family relationships, dealing with strangers and, at secondary school, intimate relationships;  

  • How to recognise, understand and build healthy relationships, including self-respect and respect for others, commitment, tolerance, boundaries and consent, how to manage conflict, and also how to recognise unhealthy relationships;  

  • How relationships may affect health and well-being, including mental health;  

  • Healthy relationships and safety online;   

  • Factual knowledge around sex, sexual health and sexuality, set firmly within the context of relationships and 

  • That sexual violence and sexual harassment are always wrong; and addressing cultures of sexual harassment.  


Please see our Relationships and Sex Education Policy for more details. 

For further information on our Relationships and Sex Education offer, please refer to the RSE Curriculum Map.

Section 8 – Parent’s Right to Withdraw

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the non-statutory components of sex education within RSE up to and until 3 terms before the child turns 16. After this point, if the child wishes to receive sex education rather than being withdrawn, the academy will arrange this.

Requests for withdrawal should be put in writing using the form found in Appendix 3 of this policy and addressed to the principal.

A copy of withdrawal requests will be placed in the student’s educational record. The principal will discuss the request with parents and take appropriate action.

Alternative work will be given to students who are withdrawn from sex education.

The school is well aware that the primary role in children’s sex education lies with parents and carers. We wish to build a positive and supporting relationship with the parents of children at our school through mutual understanding, trust and cooperation.


To request the withdrawal form, please contact

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