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Row Row Row your boat

London youth rowing launch their new campaign to get London rowing and rock the boat!

Royal docks are the background for another Arco adventure as the students resume their rowing training. The group travelled across London to flex their muscles and showboat – no pun intended. The students learned different ways to row and the effects this has on the body. They started by practising rowing techniques and proceeded to a realistic simulation. Our very own Arco superstar Dylan set the bar with a high score for the rowing machine. He then beat that high score and received a ”BIG UP” award for positive engagement. All the students who attended showed the world a different side to rowing. Michael, of Royal docks rowing, had this to say when questioned about the stigma of rowing and the elitism following the sport:

”Rowing for many years has been viewed as an elitist sport. We can combat elitism in this day and age through the power of the message, showing the world the other side of rowing. When you think of rowing you think of a specific kind of person. You may not necessarily connect Arco Academy in Camberwell to this kind of sport. That’s why it’s so important for Arco to be here. That one little snapshot can influence so many others”

Our principal, Lisa Miller was asked about her perception of rowing and how it came in to contact with Arco. She had this to say ” I believe it’s always been viewed as an elitist sport, not always accessible for those from a disadvantaged background. If it wasn’t for London Youth Rowing a lot of people such as our students would be excluded”. Lisa was then asked if she could sum up how Arco is so great at breaking down social barriers. She responded with ”the name Arco is Italian for the arch, which has many connotations such as bridging a gap and stability. Rowing is a great example of us connecting to other institutions and creating activities that encourage life skills beyond academia. We want students to be the best versions of themselves as per our wheel of culture and this combination is a remarkable form of this.”

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