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At Arco Academy we pride ourselves on being an inclusive environment, especially when it comes to SEND.


SENCO Lead: Claudette Miller

Types of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)  

Our academy currently provides additional and/or different provision for a range of needs, including:  

  • Communication and interaction, for example, autistic spectrum disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, speech, and language difficulties  
  • Cognition and learning, for example, dyslexia, dyspraxia,  
  • Social, emotional, and mental health difficulties, for example, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),  
  • Moderate and multiple learning difficulties 

“How we identify needs?” 

We assess each student’s current skills and levels of attainment over a few weeks.  

SEMH assessments are for the longer-term students (if required). 

Class teachers will make regular assessments of progress for all students and identify those whose progress:  

  • Is significantly slower than that of their peers starting from the same baseline  
  • Fails to match or better the student’s previous rate of progress  
  • Fails to close the attainment gap between the student and their peers  
  • Widens the attainment gap 

Teaching & Learning 

At Arco we use assessment data to identify the support needed for students, involving both students and parents in the process. 

We make various adaptations to meet students’ needs, including curriculum differentiation, resource adjustments, and differentiated teaching methods. 

We follow a four-part cycle of assess, plan, do, and review, involving teachers, parents, and external support services. Regular assessments are conducted, and the information is recorded in individual plans (IEPs). The school continuously reviews the effectiveness of support and interventions on student progress.

Reviews, parents, and students 

Arco Academy initiates early discussions during student inductions, involving the student, parents, and a parent school representative to identify the need for special educational provisions. These discussions focus on understanding the student’s strengths and difficulties, addressing parental concerns, defining agreed outcomes, and clarifying the next steps. 

Notes from these discussions are documented and shared with parents. If a student requires SEN support, parents are informed. 

Review meetings are conducted regularly during the student’s placement depending on their length of stay. The process involves the student, parents, and a parent school representative to review and monitor the student’s IEP, EHCP, and other targets.

Students with ECHPs  

Arco Academy accommodates students with significant and sustained needs requiring an Education, Health, and Care (EHC) plan. The referring school must provide plan details and linked funding from the Local Authority. 

All SEN-related information is shared with teaching staff by the SENCO. Arco Academy has its own processes to identify and assess special needs and collaborates with local procedures for potential EHC plan cases. 

If there’s a need for EHC plans and extra funding, proactive SEND Support is used. 

Year 9 students receive transition planning and the opportunity to create a student-centred review during their Annual Review meeting. Meetings are cooperatively held with the referring school, and annual reviews are conducted at Arco Academy if students are solely on its roll.

Inclusion outside lessons  

All our extra-curricular activities and school visits are available to all our students, including our before-and after-school clubs.  

All students are encouraged to go on educational visits.  

All students are encouraged to take part in sports day/school plays/special workshops, etc.  

No student is ever excluded from taking part in these activities because of their SEN or disability. See our ‘Accessibility Plan’ which details more information on how accessible the academy is for all students. 

Staff Training & Development  

Inset days and online training, give opportunities for raising awareness, discussing current issues, and for staff to develop further skills and expertise in catering for the learning demands of students. 

Daily briefing/debriefing sessions and regular team meetings are also used as opportunities for the professional development of staff.  

At Arco Academy we are committed to offering as much high-quality training as possible to all staff whether they are teachers, behaviour support assistants, or the administration team to raise awareness and develop expertise in meeting the needs of our students. 

Support Services  

Arco Academy maintains close relationships with partner schools and external agencies to provide comprehensive support services. They seek advice from specialists like Educational Psychologists, School Nurses, and others, when necessary, always with the student’s best interests in mind. Parents are actively involved at every stage, from assessments to planning. If parents have concerns, they can contact the Principal or SENCO for resolution. Formal complaints can follow the academy’s complaints procedures, with details available on the website and directed to the Principal.


We will share information with the school, college, or other setting the student is moving to.  

 In the event of a student’s placement ending and they go back to their school or have a managed move to a new school. Arco will still have contact with the student for up to 4 weeks, by visits and mentoring meetings. 

Emotional and Social Development

We provide support for students to improve their emotional and social development in the following ways:  

  • Students with SEN are encouraged to be part of the student leaders  
  • Students with SEN are also encouraged to be part of Arco Academy’s values of; High Standards, Personal Responsibility and Professionalism, Integrity, Healthy Mind and Body, and Care and Respect.  
  • Our SENCO team which consists of; the safeguarding lead, mentor, and school home support practitioner, who are on hand to support students with SEN.  

 We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. 


For anyone wishing to make a complaint about SEN provision at the academy, please refer to the academy’s complaints policy for guidance.  

The parents of students with disabilities have the right to make disability discrimination claims to the first tier SEND tribunal if they believe that our academy has discriminated against their children.  

They can make a claim about alleged discrimination regarding:  

  • Exclusions  
  • Provision of education and associated services  
  • Making reasonable adjustments, including the provision of auxiliary aids and services 


We evaluate the effectiveness of provision for students with SEN by:  

  • Reviewing students’ individual progress towards their goals each term, and it is recorded in their IEP and PSP  
  • Reviewing the impact of interventions half termly  
  • Using student questionnaires  
  • Monitoring by the SENCO  
  • Holding review meetings for all students about their progress 

Our SEN policy and information report is reviewed annually and approved by the Board of Advisors.  

It will also be updated if any changes to the information are made during the year. 

Local Offer  

Our contribution to the local offer is:

Our local authority’s local offer is published here: 

Additional Information 

Lisa Miller is the Principal and the Designated Safeguarding Lead.   

Claudette Miller is our Vice Principal and SENCO Lead.  

All staff undertake safeguarding training on an annual basis.  

Further details can be found in the Safeguarding policy found on our website. 

Policy Links 

This document links to our policies on:  

  • SEND Policy
  • Accessibility plan  
  • Behaviour Policy   
  • Curriculum policy

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