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Alex, Behaviour Support Manager at St. Thomas the Apostle College

I would really like to praise Arco Academy for their outstanding service, and their delivery of activities which were tailored to what we as a school asked for. It was so clear to see that the activities that they chose to demonstrate were thoroughly thought out, and planned according to the needs of our students.

The students really enjoyed themselves and were so enthusiastic throughout the day. We sent 10 of our most difficult to reach students and the programme kept them engaged throughout. Up until now, they have not stopped talking about the programme which is a true testament to the efforts put into the programme.

Arco Academy even went above and beyond their duty by advising students and helping them sign up for the gym which they really did not have to do.

Arco Academy were really flexible and really accommodating. They made it their priority to make sure that we had the best time possible in the short space of time that we were there. The day event really brought out the confidence in all the students – they really came out of their shell, especially in the group activities.

I would definitely recommend Arco Academy to all schools – it was truly amazing and I have seen no other provision like it!

A big thank you to Lisa and Julius for making it possible.

Alex, Behaviour Support Manager at St. Thomas the Apostle College


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