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The School Day

Our mission is simple – to empower you to be the best version of yourself!

In order for you to fulfil your potential, it has to be a team effort; we cannot do this without you.

We’ve found that how you start your day tends to impact how positive the rest of it will be. We encourage students to sign in at least 5 minutes before our start time of 8:50 a.m. If you arrive early, please sensibly wait in the reception area until you are collected by staff members.

Registration period will take place between 8:50 am. – 9:10 am. and you will follow your daily routine, which can be found in the Rules and Regulations document within your Induction Pack, alongside your timetable.

At Arco Academy, we recognise the importance of the first meal of the day, which is why you are invited to join us for our FREE Breakfast Club every morning between 9:10 am – 9:25 am.

Assemblies take place every Wednesday from 9:15 am – 9:30 am. 

Lessons start promptly at 9:30 am every day.

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. Every student at Arco is timetabled for a weekly mentoring session, which consists of group sessions and a more focused 1-2-1 session. This is something we strongly encourage, as all students who consistently access and engage with their mentoring programme, experience positive short and long-term changes.

You will have one short 5-minute break at 10:15 am, and a lunchtime break from 11:50 am – 12:30 pm. Additional break times or time out can be granted if there is a genuine need and will be included in your Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Your timetable will be tailored according to the pathway you will follow. This is subject to change in line with your progress and needs.

We strongly believe in the positive benefits that sport and physical activity can add to your school and personal life. Sports participation forms part of our daily routine at Arco through general in-school activities as well as extracurricular activities. 

Read more about our Pathways and timetable on Our Curriculum page.


The End of the School Day

The school day ends at 2:50 pm, except for Fridays when you will finish at 12:30 pm, allowing teachers the time to up-skill, plan and prepare a better school life for you.

To ensure you get home safely, every day after school you will be walked to the bus stop by members of staff and expected to follow the rules and regulations as described at the induction meeting and detailed in your induction pack.

If your home is within walking distance of the school, you will be supervised until you are dismissed from the school premises. Please note, the rules and regulations still apply to you, and you must demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times while in Arco uniform.

If you are being collected, only authorised adults are allowed onsite to collect you as agreed with your parents/carers.


Homework will be set every week. 

Teachers set homework via following websites:


If you are having difficulty with any homework, or simply run out of time to complete an assignment, you will have the opportunity to complete the remainder of it during our Homework Club, which happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4 pm.

Enrichment Activities

At Arco, we believe that a broad and inspiring programme of extra-curricular activities can enrich and empower students during their academic careers. Our varied selection of clubs, interventions and opportunities encourage our students to learn new skills and gain further support in their academic pursuits.

This is another opportunity for us to help you discover your passions, expand your skills, and broaden your horizons!

Please see our Clubs and Interventions page for further information.

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